What is 3D Printing?

Release time:2018-08-22
3D Printing is an ideal process used in Rapid Prototyping parts for engineering tests and next generation products, as well as art pieces and architectural models.  There are several different 3D Printing processes and a variety of materials to choose from. There are 3 kinds of printing techniques which are SLA/SLS/FDM.

SLA:SLA(Stereo lithography) stereo lithography technology, also known as the process is mechanical, laser, photochemical, software, crystallization control technology. 

Vowin  has 2 sets of Printing Machines. One is Objet30 imported from Israel,another is made in China. The biggest printing size is 600mm*600mm*400mm.
Surface finish:painting/laser etching/silk-screen and so on.
For small complicated parts, SLA will be the first choice.It could machine the whole part with 1 piece and have tight tolerance.

SLA rapid prototype


SLS:Selective laser sintering is using laser selective sintering of layered solid powder, and the curing layer overlap to form a desired shape of the sintered parts.
Material: Nylon/Nylon12/Nylon+GF
Surface finish: not adhesive with oil(painting) & glue,cleaning the surface
The materials need to withstand high temperature up to 100°or so.

SLS machine

SLS rapid prototype

Vowin Model engineers will guide your most demanding project through every step of the process to guarantee timely delivery. In-house developed 3D viewing and translation software, dedicated quality department and special finishing techniques make it possible for Tuowei Model to provide the highest level of quality at competitive prices.

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