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Release time:2018-08-23

We are a marketing leader company, in the Industrial of Design-Prototypes-Mold-Assembly-Shipment. Including the following services:

Product Design,3d scanning ,CAD design,2d/3d design, Autocad design, product design, Industrial design, Industrial Product Development ,engineering review

3D Scanning,SLA/SLS/  3D Printing china,3D metal printing

CNC Machining china,aluminium machining,CNC turning,cnc Lathing service

Rapid prototype, rapid  prototyping china, Rapid sheet metal fabrication

Pu Vacuum casting for 5-100pcs Low Volume Production from Silicon Mold


aluminum molding,aluminum tooling, Rapid tooling, Prototype Mold,small batch production for  up 100pcs 

plastic extrusion,Plastic injection molding, die casting molding,plastic mould, for up 1,000pcs

Painting, Screen printing, Assembly, QA inspection and Shipping.


    We Established in 2008 , The monther Company Ideal Group Established in 1996 also in Shenen and we has been approved by a series of quality assurance system which released by authorized third party organization. Awarded ISO9001:2000 certification,ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and BV Certifications, we attains the level of production and management to systematization and standardization. After 18 years’ development, we now covers an area of 8000 square meters and expands to a scale of 300 excellent staff, as well the latest advanced machine equipments.  

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