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laser rapid prototyping technology

Release time:2018-08-30

Laser Rapid Prototyping (Laser Rapid Prototyping, LRP) is a CAD, CAM, CNC, laser , precision servo drives and new materials and other advanced technologies integrated a new manufacturing technology. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods with prototype reproducibility, high interchangeability ; unrelated to the manufacturing process and manufacturing prototype geometry ; processing cycle is short, low cost , general manufacturing costs by 50% , 70% or more processing cycles ; highly technical integration, to achieve the integration of design and manufacturing .

LPR recent developments are: Stereolithography (SLA) technology , selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, laser cladding forming (LCF) technology, laser near -shaped (LENS) technology , laser foil lamination manufacturing (LOM) technology laser -induced thermal stress forming (LF) technology and three-dimensional printing technology.

( 1 ) three-dimensional shape of light (SLA) technology , also known as light curing' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping technology. United States, Japan , Germany, Belgium and so put a lot of manpower and material resources to study the technology, and there are always new products come out. Of Xi'an Jiaotong University have successfully developed a Stereolithography machine LPS600A. Currently, there are more than 10 factories worldwide production of the product .

( 2 ) Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technology , and the technology is very similar to the SLA . Mold manufacturing applications in the automotive , Texas State University, the study by the American DTM SLS technology commercialization company . At present, the company has developed a series of third-generation products SLS2000 .

( 3 ) Laser Cladding Forming (LCF) technology , it works with other rapid prototyping technology is basically the same , except that the laser cladding forming can be made very dense metal parts , which meet or exceed the strength of conventional casting or forging methods of production parts , which has a good prospect.

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