Tips And Tricks In China Precision Machining

Release time:2018-08-30

In the process of production and processing in the China precision machining industry, we summarized the tips provided by a master of the precision machining industry for your reference.

1. It is inconvenient to suck and take small parts (fees) with a magnet. It is possible to suck an iron plate 2 underneath the magnet 1. Not only can it suck a lot of small pieces, but also pull the iron plate apart and the small pieces will automatically tilt automatically. Into the collection box, it is practical.

2. When the Allen wrench 1 handle is short and cannot work, insert a wrench with a slightly larger inner diameter than the wrench from a slot to insert the wrench into the slot. This can be used as a long handle.

3. For the tightening of the workpiece has to be positioned and then clamped, but for a workpiece, the first clamping and repositioning, because the clamp will certainly try to deform the workpiece, so it should be clamped and repositioned, for the 6 point positioning , find a limit on its degree of freedom.

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