The Main Accuracy Of The CNC Machining General Template - Guide Post Hole

Release time:2018-08-30

The pillar hole is one of the main precisions of the CNC machining model.

Guide post hole: guide post hole is more accurate, we have to be careful when doing it. When doing the guide post hole, we may also use CNC milling cutters to mill a bottom hole first. At this time, we have to use the caliper to measure the hole size. We can't see the phenomenon that the hole is large when the hole has not been started yet. No problem, then we will be on the sickle.

Note: It is also necessary to pay attention to the use of a trowel. The trowel must be set twice to align the workpiece surface with the side wall of the hole to be bored.

 When the hole is drilled, we have to test the knife. The general test knife is five millimeters. After trying the knife, we use the internal diameter to measure. We must compare the actual size of the hole with the size of the hole we want to make, and then adjust the scale of the boring knife until it reaches the size of the boring hole on the drawing.

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