The Processing Steps of Computer Automatic Lathe Machining

Release time:2018-08-30

Computer lathe processing is more popular CNC Machining in China, as long as the parts of the programming steps into the input, the lathe can be processed. 

1.Allow the designated personnel to operate lathe shift, should ensure the cleanliness of the machine surface, timely removal of debris, ensure the accumulation of the outer rail.

2.Connect the power supply and operation, should first determine the emergency stop button position, to ensure the lathe dead parts clean. 

3.The environment near the Automatic Lathe Machining should be bright, all work should be stacked neatly. Should use special footstool. 

4.Do not play around the machine, determine control cabinet, junction box, cooling water screen door closed.

5.Designated professional and technical personnel for maintenance and inspection of lathes, install shields and other shields can not operate the lathe.

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