Why Aluminum Alloy Die Casting is Easy to Damage

Release time:2018-08-30

Die Casting is a precise casting method. Die castings through casting have very small dimensional tolerance and high surface accuracy. In most cases, Aluminum Alloy Die Casting can be assembled without any additional turning, threaded parts can be cast directly. General camera parts, electronic computer devices, decorations and other small parts, as well as cars, aircraft are mostly made by die casting. Early aluminum alloy die casting mold cracking is normal, should be strictly controlled blanking forging temperature quenching technology manufacturing process. Pay attention to heating time after stress to prevent the selection of hot carbon materials and control the mold about 100 million times the size of the R angle. There are other three kinds of circumstances will cause damage to the mold.

1. In aluminum alloy die casting production process, release agent spray is unreasonable.

2. Die heat treatment is not ideal, mainly hardness (harness lower than HRC-47).

3. Whether die steel responsibility is good or not, it is recommended 8407 or H13 refining.

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