Robotic Surgery Components And Parts Information

Release time:2018-08-30

The robotic surgery concept is relatively new, but robots accept trained surgeon manual motions, it is more and more popular.

At Vowin Company we can produce high quality 
Precision Machined Components used in robotic surgery process. As precision machining and plastic injection molding industry leader, Vowin Company is trusted by medical industry and can manufacture durable and standard parts and tools. Our machining capabilities make us manufacture and supply robotic surgery parts which most other industry can not. These capabilities has drilling, CNC milling, turning, threading and so on. We can assure the quality in the whole manufacturing process, removing burring and excess materials and passivating tools to ensure corrosion resistance. We are dedicated to smooth surface of manufacturing complex machined tools, then there has no accidental abrasion. Our tools can bear repeated disinfection and continuous fatigue in the complicated surgery. We can provide Medical Components with high quality, include steel gimbal lock plates, stainless steel tube adapters.

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