CNC Machining Parts Improve Work Efficiency

Release time:2018-08-30

Rationality Analysis of CNC Machining Parts Parts

Audit parts CNC Machining Parts rationality, select the CNC machine tool processing content can not be "overkill", to prevent the CNC machine downgraded to ordinary machine tools. When you choose and decide a part for NC machining, it does not mean that all of its processing content is wrapped down, and may only be part of the NC processing. Should choose the most appropriate, most need to carry out CNC processing of the contents and processes for CNC Machining Parts. Usually part of the rationality of CNC Machining Parts to consider the factors are:

(2) according to the different performance of the machine and the different parts of the requirements of the NC processing (1) the complexity of the parts, high precision, multi-species, small batch production, the use of CNC Machining Parts will get higher economic benefits; Parts are classified, and different types of parts are distributed on different types of machine tools for higher productivity and economic benefits. Should be as much as possible in the ordinary machine parts to complete the rough cutting of parts to improve the efficiency of CNC machine tools.

Technical analysis of parts CNC Machining Parts

CNC Machining Parts, we must first part of the drawings for careful CNC Machining Parts process analysis, should focus on the convenience of NC machining and the possibility of two aspects of the review and analysis. For example: (1) first analyze the size of the drawings of the drawings given the principle of programming convenience. ① whether the part of the drawing method to adapt to the characteristics of CNC Machining Parts; ② parts of the outline of the geometric elements of the conditions are sufficient. Because in the manual programming, to calculate the contours of each part of the coordinates of each base point; in the automatic programming, the composition of the contours of all the geometric elements to be defined, if a condition is not sufficient, you can not calculate the part of the contours of the coordinates, Can not express the geometric elements of the contours of the parts, resulting in the inability to program, so when analyzing the parts diagram, it is necessary to analyze the geometric elements of the given conditions are sufficient.

(2) Second, the parts of the processing parts of the structural process is consistent with the characteristics of CNC Machining Parts. ① parts of the cavity and shape of the best use of a unified geometric type and size. Because it can reduce the tool specifications and the number of tool changes, making programming easy. ② Analyze the reliability of the part positioning reference. CNC Machining Parts should try to use a unified benchmark positioning, or will be due to the installation of the workpiece positioning error caused by the workpiece processing position error and shape error.

(3) should be analyzed parts of the required processing accuracy, etc. can be guaranteed. In short, the CNC machine tools on the processing of parts, should be based on the parts of the parts to conduct a comprehensive analysis of parts to understand the structure of the parts shape, size and technical requirements, thus determining the parts processing process and process route.

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