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What exactly is 3d printing technology?

Release time:2018-08-30

As technology in product development and manufacturing continuously advances, a lot of businesses and individuals are prototyping new products using 3D printing.




3D printing is a kind of technology known as additive manufacturing where 3D objects are made using a 3D printer. These printers are less expensive, more user friendly and can be faster than other kind of prototyping technologies. 3D printers are currently more affordable for small and medium scale business where' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping are usually brought to office.


In 3D printing, it is an entirely different process from your CNC Rapid Prototyping. Rather than being carved out of the real material, layers are “printed” out to form any 3D object from a file that is already keyed into the computer. The challenge is that the resin is very expensive. Because 3D printers can use resin at the moment only, prototyping using this technique would not let you to use or even test different materials. Inkjet printing is one kind of 3D printing that prints prototypes in a complete colour and also considered as the fastest method in printing. This type of printing uses powder to make a shape.


3d printing technology


Rapid prototype manufacturer in China is making use of prototypes and models for different products and also testing the functionality of brand new models, they are used also to get feedbacks from the clients for their new items. The data from these tests are usually used for the modification of the prototype models and developing the design or product. The 3D printed prototype is a vital tool for fast design verification before final production tooling is committed to.
Advancements in 3D printing permit cheaper as well as faster prototyping and also manufacturing models by removing staff and costly tools that enable companies and investors to bring the products with the designs to the market quicker than their competitors. Key factors which influence the option of prototype material are usually lifespan, the durability of the model and complexity of geometry.
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