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Release time:2018-08-30

How to save cost for your project? This is a concern problem for both manufacturer and customer. How to get a reasonable and competitive price for your product, That we have been working hard.

Generally, The cost of product includes:' target='_blank'>product design, processing technology, raw material, tolerance and surface treatment, so each item needs a reasonable choice. As a professional' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping manufacturer, YOUDE have summarized the following suggestions, We hope could help customers to optimize design and production:

1. Choose the right processing technologyRapid prototype processing technology include: CNC machining , 3D printing, silicone mold vacuum casting, we will select the appropriate processing method according to your drawings, materials, quantity requirements,  Usually , The machining cost of silicone mold vacuum casting is lower.

2. Select the suitable material. if the component have not special purpose, You would try to choose the common plastic material, such as ABS.

3. Choose the standard tolerance. If the standard tolerances do not affect the function and performance of the parts, we suggest that you do not choose very tight tolerances. If the tolerance of part is higher, Then the machining process will be hard to control, and that must spent longer working time ,So the cost will be higher.

4. Reasonable surface treatment. if there is a inner parts of the product , You can choose don’t to do the surface treatment as much as possible.

5. Optimize the structure, If the locations of parts do not affect the assembly or appearance requirements , Try to simplify machining.


Vowin constantly summarizes experience in the process of production, provides one-stop solution for customers, and establishes long-term reciprocity and mutual benefit with customers. We can be your trustworthy rapid prototype partner.We could support you make the best choice based on your unique project needs and timeline requirements, and save the development cost and time.

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