Release time:2018-08-30

To participate in the exhibition has great significance for the enterprise, It can explore new customers with low-cost at the exhibition, According to investigation: The average cost of explore customer through the exhibition is 40% less , and this kind of customer is more accurate customers, The transaction rate is higher. It can also increase the visibility of the enterprise by participating in the exhibition, The visibility will be worldwide if it is an international large-scale exhibition, It is equal to advertise their product one times on each media. Therefore, It has a positive effect for customer acquisition cost and marketing promotion of enterprise.

Since you’re join the exhibition, you have to bring the exhibits. Of course, the exhibitions are different, and the exhibits are different. Some exhibitions show finish products, and some exhibitions show designs. Today, we would like to talk about show the design, More and more enterprises choose rapid prototyping to make samples now, Then take the samples to exhibitions, They can promote the product to customer before the launch of the market.

The effect of rapid prototyping as follows:

1. Appearance prototypes: mainly used to combined with the actual to test the product exterior size, color matching, material coordination, cost assessment, market research, exhibition and other feasibility analysis and judgment of mass production before manufacture mold.

2. Structure prototypes: mainly used to combined with the actual to test the product internal assembly difficulty, the tightness of coordination between structures, material strength analysis, performance testing, cost assessment, new products investment before manufacture mold, That will greatly reduce the risk of direct to manufacture mold.

3. Mold vacuum casting: It is a simple mold with silicone injection, and its structure is same as CNC or SLA laser, It can be controlled error at: 100MM +/- 0.2MM, The toughness of the material on hand is slightly lower than the CNC machining, So it mainly use for small batch production, performance testing of new products, it can further enhance the feasibility of mass production of new products, It also can be used for new products investment.


The exhibition season of new year is coming, Are you ready exhibits for the exhibition? when you focusing on make marketing planning, It is also important to show your exhibits better .

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