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Release time:2018-08-30

The metal oxidation process is the metal surface with oxygen or oxidizing agent to form protective oxide film , It can prevent metal corrosion. There are two kind of Oxidation: chemical oxidation and electrochemical oxidation (as anodizing).

(1)  The oxide film is thin that processing by chemical oxidation, Its thickness is about 0.3-4 um, There are porous, It has good adsorption ability, and It is soft and didn’t wear-resisting, , It suitable for places that have shielding requirements  because it has good conductive performance, and It could coating variety of colors because it have good adsorption ability, If painting on the surface more, It can improve effectively the corrosion resistance and decorative of aluminum products .

(2)  The oxide film is thick that processing by anodizing , Its thickness is about 5-20 v m, The thickness of hard anodizing film can be up to 60-2500 vm, It has high hardness, good wear resistance, good chemical stability, good corrosion resistance, good adsorption ability, and It has very good insulation performance, adiabatic thermal performance is strong, It could coating variety of colors.

In conclusion, It has good protection and decorative features after aluminum and aluminum alloy processing by chemical oxidation treatment especially anodizing , Therefore, It is used widely in aerospace, electrical, electronics, machinery and light industry, etc.


Youde offer one-stop solution to global partner, it will increase efficiency and speed, Options include spay paiting, silk screening and laser etching, UV spraying,anodizing and else surface treatment.

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