Plastic Prototyping

Release time:2018-08-31
Plastic Prototyping
Project Overview:
CNC machining is suitable for CNC Aluminum prototype, the general accuracy of cnc aluminum machining is in 0.1mm or so. Anprototype rapid prototype china could control the accuracy in 0.01?0.1mm by advanced equipment from Japan.
1 paying attention to convert the prototyping drawings to "PRT, STP, IGS, STEP, STL" and other common file formats;
2 Please indicating the tolerance requirements in prototyping drawings, or call salesman to detailed;
3 Making material selection, in particular, some special materials;
4 Be sure the number of prototypes machining;
5 Special requirements of prototype machining, such as cannot dismantle prototype machining, should overall prototype machining;
6 The appearance treatment of prototype, such painting with which color, or brushing, anodizing and so on;
7 Delivery attention , is the choice of courier or door-to-door at the right time and so on.
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