CNC Prototyping Services: Value in Product Design and Development

Release time:2018-08-31

Prototype parts can be extraordinarily valuable in verifying design intent prior to production. CNC prototypes are a great tool to quickly and accurately evaluate design. Professional CNC prototyping services can provide a product made of representative materials, strength, and dimensional quality. For product design and development, access to a quality CNC machining service can serve the design process well.

Benefits of Prototype Machining

Precision CNC machining services can offer the following to the design engineer:

  • High fidelity Functional Assessment – Prototype machining provides an opportunity to judge how well a design translates into manufacturable parts, prior to investment in tooling. Likewise, interactions between parts and tolerance stack-ups can be evaluated. This assists in ensuring that that the product meets the customer’s specifications before going into full production.
  • Enhanced Speed, Efficiency, and Effectiveness – Modern CNC equipment has developed such that parts can be made with a speed and efficiency once unheard of. Additionally, intelligent machinery, capable of sensing its environment allows real time cutting feedback to ensure the highest quality.
  • Skill Requirements – While a trained operator oversees the CNC process, with the latest advancements in CNC, the machine performs much of the work automatically. 3D CAD based programming software allows the selection of tools and cutter path. The CNC machine often handles tools automatically if it is equipped with an automatic tool changer. These advances have helped in reducing human error, equating to cost savings and product consistency over previous generations of machining.
  • Easier Production Runs – After a prototype gets created, if the final product is also intended for machining, the operator simply needs toenter the same code for a full production run. The consistency this creates in operating parameters helps ensure accuracy and consistency. As long as preventative maintenance operations are conducted as appropriate to the technology, consistent performance will be achieved.
  • Advanced Software – 3D programming software continues to advance at an impressive rate allowing ever more efficient tool movement, cutter paths, as well as optimized cutting. The work required to prepare the program continues to become further automated in the newest software revisions as well as support for 4-Axis and 5-Axis machining continues to become more straightforward allowing more and operators to learn this advanced technique.

For superior CNC machined prototypes, Globaltech Ventures is a trusted source. Our newest HAAS 750P high-speed 5-Axis system in our Farmington Hills MI location is one of the most versatile high capacity systems available for efficient prototyping. Call us or visit our website to get more information about our services and capabilities.

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