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Vowin Material Specification And Capability


Process Stereolithography
Selective Laser
Fused Deposition
Urethane Casting
(Rapid Casting)

SLA builds plastic parts a layer at a time using a laser to cure liquid photopolymer. SLA produces parts with very good dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Vowin employs master model makers to finish your SLA parts accurately to your 3D Data. Choices of materials are available to emulate a variety of thermo plastics.

SLS uses a laser to trace over powder to selectively melt and bond the layers until the part is built. SLS builds parts in durable materials including Nylon and metals. A good choice for proto's that need to be tough.

PolyJet utilizes an inkjet that deposits photopolymer onto a build tray, the layers are cured by UV. PolyJet builds in super thin layers down to just 16 microns (0.0006 inch). Best for small parts with fine details.

FDM extrudes material via a nozzle. The nozzle is mounted to a mechanical stage which can be moved in both horizontal and vertical directions. FDM builds parts in ABS and PC. Surface finish and accuracy is rougher than our other RP processes.

The Rapid Casting process utilizes a master pattern to create a silicone rubber mold. Duplications are then cast in a vacuum chamber. Parts are very durable and cosmetically resemble injection molded parts. Vowin specializes in casting for Low Quantity Production, Over molded Parts, Lens, and Large Parts.

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ABS-like: Somos 14120 PP-like: Accura 25 Clear: Accura 60

Nylon Nylon GF Wax Metals

ABS-like TPE-like: Tango (Black or Gray)

ABS Polycarbonate Wax

ABS-like ABS/PC-like PP-like TPE-like Acrylic-like UL VO

Model Making

Standard: Support Removal & Bead Blast Engineering Review: Above + Wet Sanding Exterior Show Model: Master finish on exterior cosmetic area's High Show Model: Clear parts with interior+exterior polish


Custom Molded-in: • Colors • Textures • Polish

Secondary Finish

Paint Texture Polish Semi-Clear Plating Metallic Artwork Threaded Inserts

Paint Texture Polish Plating Metallic Artwork Threaded Inserts

Paint Texture Polish Semi-Clear Plating Metallic Artwork Threaded Inserts

Paint Texture Plating Metallic Artwork Threaded Inserts

Molded-in Color Molded-in Texture Rubber Overmolding Insert Molding High Polish Clear & Tints Metallic Paint & Plating Artwork Threaded Inserts

Prototyping Material Data Sheet

Rapid Prototyping Material Properties:
Name Tensile Strength Notch lzod Heat Deflection/Glass Transition Durometer
SLA: PP-like 38 Mpa (5450-5570 PSI) 9-24J/m (0.4 ft-lb/in) @66 PSI 58-63℃(136-145°F)
@264 PSI 51-55℃(124-131°F)
Shore D 80
SLA: Clear 58-68 Mpa (8410-9860 PSI) 15-25J/m (0.3-05 ft-lb/in) @66 PSI 53-55℃(127-131°F)
@264 PSI 48-50℃(118-122°F)
Shore D 86
SLA: ABS-like 45.7 Mpa 23.5 J/m @0.46 Mpa 53℃ Shore D 81
SLS: Nylon 44 Mpa 8.5J/m DTUL 0.45 Mpa ASTMD648: 177 °C NA
SLS: Nylon GF (Glass-Filled) 38.1 Mpa 602J/m DTUL 0.45 Mpa ASTMD648: 175 °C NA
Objet: ABS-like 49.9 Mpa 37.5J/m @66 PSI/264 PSI 120°F-49°C/113°F49°C Shore D 83
Objet: TPE-like (Elastomer) 2.0 NA NA Shore A 61
Urethane Casting Rigid Material Data Sheet
Name Tensile Strength Notch lzod Heat Deflection/Glass Transition Durometer
UL-Rated 10650 PSI 1.6 ft. lbs/in @66 PSI 179° F Shore D1 85
PP-like Mpa 25 NA 55°C Shore D1 70
ABS-like Mpa 70 kJ/m² 70 92°C Shore D1 82
ABS/PC-like (High Temp) Mpa 61 kJ/m² 41 T.M.A. Mettler 220°C Shore D1 80
Acrylic-like / Tinted Mpa 75 charpy impact strength kJ/m² 27 HDT 1.8 Mpa 100°C Shore D1 87
Urethane Casting Elastomer Material Properties:
Name Tensile Strength Notch lzod Heat Deflection/Glass Transition Durometer
TPE-like (30A - Elastomer) 675 PSI NA NA Shore A 32±2
TPE-like (40A - Elastomer) 65 PSI NA NA Shore A 42±2
TPE-like (50A - Elastomer) 845 Elasticity @100% strain 150 @200% strain 275 @300% strain 390 NA NA Shore A 50±2
TPE-like (60A - Elastomer) 685 Elasticity @100% strain 312 @200% strain 497 @300% strain 623 NA NA Shore A 60±2
TPE-like (80A - Elastomer) 1,900 NA NA Shore A 80±2

Quality Assurance:


We have achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certirication. "Integrity Centered, Customer First, Quality Priority and Continuous Improvement" is our quality policy.


We have a complete set of standards for Prototype make, mold design, fabrication an inspection shich comply with the quality requirements of Europe,USA and Japan.


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