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Magnesium alloy Industry equipment spare parts prototype CNC Machining service




Machining equipments

CNC maching,CNC Turning, CNC Milling ,CNC center machine,

auto lathe machine, Wire-cutting Machine 
,CNC Laser cutting machines,CNC bending machines, 

CNC punching machines, CNC bending machines

CNT stamping machine, CNC/auto lathe machine ,

Drilling machine, Hydraulic machine,Riveting machine , Tapping machine

welding machine, Film attaching machine,etc



 Aluminum, Steel, SPCC,magnesium,SGCC,SECC,SPTE,Stainless steel, Brass, Copper

Bronze, ABS, PC, PO, POM, Nylon, Teflon etc.




Surface finish

Automotive industry; Appliance parts; mechanical industry;electronic industry

IT industry; ;Toy parts;Furniture ;Construction industry,Desktop computer

 Electrial Cabinet/box  ; Electronic product;Network chassis ; Servers rack

Medicine cabinet ;industrial manipulative computer; 

Machine enclosure and Frame;Tool Cabinet and chest ; 

Mountain /wall bracke ;Precision stamping Brackets;

Automotive part;Battery spring panel;


Inspection Equipment


CMM, Projection, Calipers, Micro caliper, Thread Micro caliper

Pin   gauge, Caliper gauge, Pass meter, Pass meter  etc.

Drawing formation



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