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Item Name
  • 5 Axis Automobile cladding leather coating car warehouse prototype
The Services we provide for CNC prototype and' target='_blank'>rapid prototype 
  • 1. Rapid prototyping making(SLA,SLS,FDM)
  • 2. CNC prototype manufacturing
  • 3. Rapid silicone mould and vacuum casting
  • 4. Aluminum parts machining
  • 5. Reverse Engineering
  • 6. Injection molding
  • 7. Reaction Injection Molding(RIM)
Material Choices
  • Plastics:ABS, PMMA, PC, PP, PE, PA (Nylon/GFN), POM , PF, PTFE, PEI
  • Alloys: Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc and Brass.
Speed &Efficiency
  • Fast quotations and standardized production processes.
  • 3 Axis CNC machines output maximum spindle speeds up to 24,000 RPM and utilize 14 to 24 Station Automated Tool Turrets.
Industry Range:
  • 1.Consumer electronics: Digital camera, mp3 player, television, calculators, GPS electronics, DVD/VCD player and etc.

  • 2.Medical devices: B Ultrasound scanner case, Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging care, and etc.

  • 3.Telecommunications: micro phone, speaker, monitor case, computer and etc.

  • 4.Auto parts: dashboard, car lamp, bar, car door, motorcycle, scooter, bike and etc.

  • 5.Household appliance: Cooker, air conditioner, TV, fan, shower, fridge, coffee machine and etc.

  • 6.Others: customer made, toys, exhibition samples, testing samples

Surface Finish

        polishing, spray-painting,            silk screening, electroplating, anodizing,       sand blasting,  brush,  high gloss,  power-coating, e-coat, laser making etc.


Machine list

Equipment Quantity quipment origin precision planform size
CNC Precision Maching System 15 Japan, FANUC ±0.05mm 1400*700*600mm
3D Systems SLA Rapid Prototypes 2 USA, 3D Systems ±0.10mm 250*250*250mm
Vacuum Casting System 4 Taiwan, FEELING ±0.15mm 2000*1200*1000mm
RIM(Reaction Injection Molding) 2 China ±0.20mm 2000*1200*1000mm
Faro CMM 2 USA faro ±0.025mm 2400*2400*2400mm
Shenzhen leather covered car steering wheel/car panel prototype with black anodizing finishing service,China Factory High Quality Competitive Price Hardware For Leather Bracelets,Automobile cladding leather coating car parts prototype,Automobile cladding leather coating car model prototype
Return list
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