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CNC machining

New processing technology, processing program can be made fully functional parts all the necessary functions, including threaded hole and threaded hole and accurate flat surface



 Milling                                              Lathe pieces                                 

Application of mechanical processing surfaces,           Can generate complex external geometry 

or used to create complex 3 d shape                            and  inner hole





Aluminum alloy  
√ 7075   √ 1060   √ 5052     √ 2A12       √ ADC12   √ 6030
Zinc alloy  
√ 201
Magnesium alloy  
√ AZ91D
Titanium alloy 
√ Pure titanium     √ TC4
Stainless steel  
√ 201 √ 310 √ 316 √ 304 √ 303    
Alloy steel 
√ 65 mn steel     √ 40 cr steel        √ 45 # steel 
Low carbon steel  
√ Cold rolled steel    √ A3 steel   √ industrial pure  iron
√ H59 √ H62 
√ T2 √ T3 
Sheet metal   

Secondary treatment


Meet the product is the purpose of surface treatment of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements



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