Top 10 CNC machine Rapid Prototyping Companies in China

Release time:2018-12-03
Recommend top 10 rapid prototyping companies in China to you. You can choose one rapid prototyping company and buy rapid prototyping from it.
1. Shenzhen Vowin rapid prototype
Main Products: CNC Prototype, Rapid Prototype, Aluminum Alloy Prototype, Aluminum Alloy, Mass production of aluminum alloy parts, Sheet Metal Product
2. Shenzhen Ideal plastic mold
Main Products: CNC milling parts, CNC machining parts, Rapid Prototype, Plastic mold inserts, Lathes parts, CNC prototype
3. Nextproto Manufacturing Limited
Main Products: Rapid Prototyping, Sheet Metal Parts, Injection Molding, Aluminum Extrusion, Investment Casting, CNC Machining
4. Yuyao Good Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Rapid Prototype, plastic mold, mold base, plastic injection mould, plastic injection parts, Prototype Vacuum Casting
5. Shenzhen Dadesin Prototype Co., Ltd.
Main Products: Short Run Production, Rapid Prototype, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, n Injection Molding Reaction
6. Shenzhen Epluser Technology Co., Limited
Main Products: Rapid Prototype, Plastic Cup, Injection Mold, Prototypes, CNC Machining Part, DIY Manufacturing
7. Shenzhen RJC Industrial Co., Ltd.
Main Products: injection mold, plastic injection, cnc parts, rapid prototypes, silicone mould parts
8. Foshan Shunde Xianfeng Product Design Modeling Factory
Main Products: Sheet Metal Model, Stamping Parts, Rapid Prototype, Device Model, ABS prototype, Aluminum alloy prototype
9. Ningbo Redsun Rapid Prototype Co., Ltd.
Main Products: 3D Printing, Motor vehicles prototype, electric and electronic class prototype, hardware prototype, small batch membrane prototype, rapid prototypes
10. Suzhou Pauline Molding & Plastics Co., Ltd.
Main Products: 3d printing, rapid prototype, cnc machining, plastic injection mould, plastic injection mold
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