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Mold Making: Plastic & Silicone Tooling

Release time:2019-01-08

Vowin has joined forces with a LSR & Plastic Mold Making partner to expand and relocate Legu Tool and Mold LLC into Casco Bay Molding’s facility. Having two highly experienced tool and' target='_blank'>mold makers just steps away from our plastic and silicone injection' target='_blank'>molding production floor simplifies and excellerates the necessary tooling adjustments that challenging projects often require. Our two tool makers possess New England know-how, each having over 27 years for experience – including graduation from Swiss style apprenticeship program.

Quick Response Development Cycling: Medical and OEM LSR (liquid silicone rubber) customers are almost always on tight timelines. This market requirement provided the impetus for Casco’s tool making investment. Full service under one roof:

  • Product Design
  • Mold Design
  • Mold Making
  • Mold Testing & De-bug
  • Part Re-design
  • Part and Mold Adjustments
  • Mold Testing & De-bug
  • Part Acceptance
  • Production Tooling based on product know how
  • High volume production

Frequently, multiple “mold/part design” change iterations are required to get to a final functional part. Our goal is to be able to “re-sample” your silicone or plastic Medical device component in the molding machine within 4 working days of receiving a revised parts design, provided revisions are received before 9am EST.

Our “Core & Cavity Set” insert philosophy is tailored to lower your upfront “tooling charge” investment as well as provide quick turn-a-round based on customer needs. To facilitate this Casco has invested in a series of mold bases of varying configurations:

  • Cold runner valve gate, for direct gating of parts or minimizing LSR generation.
  • 3 Plate style, ideal for when multiple LSR gates/drops are required.
  • Convention plate core & cavity set insert style

Mold Shop Asset and Equipment List:

  • People are our #1 Asset! We are very fortunate to have two highly experienced tool makers, each with over 27 years of experience.
  • Kent CNC machine with automatic tool changer
  • Kneemill w/ Analam 1100 2-axis CNC control, ULTIMA 3VKH
  • Two Bridgeport mill with digital read-out, 9×42
  • Supermax YCM 40 Mill, 3-Axis Mach 4 CNC Control
  • Cadillac YAM 1000 engine lathe,
  • Hardinge turret lathe HC
  • Harig manual 6×12 surface grinder
  • Falcon/Chevalier 2-axis Auto Surface grinder, 8×20
  • Delta Rockwell drill press
  • Kalamazoo H9AW Hot Saw
  • Kysor/Johnson vertical band saw
  • Black diamond drill grinder, BW-70
  • Carbide Tool Dresser
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