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Custom Plastic Injection Molding & Part Assembly

Release time:2019-01-08

High Volume Production:

Current high volume jobs include technically challenging' target='_blank'>molded faucet spray components, made up of a glass-filled plastic substrate' target='_blank'>molded with silicone rubber. Our customer requirements and ISO procedures include spray testing, PPAP qualification and Statistical Process Control. We have also invested in a Keyence camera GO/NG monitoring vision system which has been installed mold-side to 100% inspect critical dimensions on all parts as they come off the press.

Other current high volume production includes ABS jobs and medical/dental glass-loaded Nylon parts that require post-molding assembly.

Past long-run jobs included technically challenging energy extraction industry Syndiotactic Polystyrene (SPS) parts, requiring a far field Ultrasonic weld. SPS is known for its chemical resistance and high strength vs. weight ratio.  We molded (20 to 40%) glass loaded SPS in 16 cavity hot tip molds. Glass loading adds to the challenge of ultrasonically welding a part consistently, and wears the Titanium welding horn throughout the process. As defined in our ISO work instructions, both the molding and welding processes were monitored to stay within an acceptable range during fully automated production.

Medium Production Runs:

Medium run experience includes engineering polymers, for example- Polysulfone water: chemical filter stack backing plates, Valox & Ultem medical lab-ware parts, ABS military parts, and components used in medical instrument sterilization. Casco Bay Molding has the necessary material drying and hot oil mold heating equipment to run these technical engineering resins.

To minimize our thermoplastic customers tooling investment, we frequently use small dedicated mold bases, RoundMate Pods or MUD set inserts that fit one of our MUD set or RoundMate mold bases.

Post Molding Capabilities:

Post molding assembly, Ultrasonic welding, spin welding, printing and decoration services are included within our capabilities.

As mentioned our team enjoys developing two-component silicone parts, also referred to as over-molded silicone rubber and plastic parts.  We are pleased to offer our customers the ability to have your silicone rubber and thermoplastic parts injection molded under the same roof.

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