What is the Industrial Design?

Release time:2019-07-10
We can provide high quality service beign' target='_blank'>product design,prototyping to mass production, We have nearly 100 outstanding industrial designers. Our experience in' target='_blank'>product design industry is more than 10 years. We can provide you with high-quality product design, appearance design and product structure design. It is your best product development design and implementation provider in all major provinces and cities including the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and China. From design to mass production, we provide you with one-stop service.

Design area:
Medical product design industry
Design including: vitro diagnostics, surgical instruments, and other types of medical equipment design

Scientific experimental instrument design industry
Design including:Precision instrument design for various medical and chemical analysis industries such as photometers, chromatographs, and metal detectors

Industrial product design industry
Design including: large mechanical equipment design, industrial control equipment, Internet of Things products, explosion-proof products, automotive products, etc.

Smart wearable electronic product design
Design including: various medical wearable products, home smart wear, etc

Household product design industry
Design including:home service robot , water purifier , air purifier, etc.
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