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What is a mold?

Release time:2019-07-10
We have the world's leading 3D printing, CNC' target='_blank'>machining, vacuum complex' target='_blank'>molding, low pressure infusion, injection molding and other equipment, rich production experience can provide you from product design to prototype verification, rapid mold manufacturing to small batch trial production, mass production Dragon service. With more than 20 years of experience in mold manufacturing, the industry covers electronics, automotive, electrical machinery, instruments, electrical appliances, home appliances, communications and other fields. The mold design is accurate, the product is corrosion-resistant, has good strength and long service life, and can provide you with professional injection molding. Rapid mold manufacturing services such as molds, blow molds, extrusion molds, silicone molds, and die-casting molds help your products increase production efficiency, save development costs, and speed time-to-market for new products. You only need to provide us with the design drawings, and our professional image analysts will carry out processing feasibility analysis and design optimization for your drawings
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