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4 Factors Bears on the Cost of CNC Parts

Release time:2019-09-04

Are you looking for CNC' target='_blank'>machining company to manufacture your part? Are you estimating the cost of your parts? Are you thinking the way to cut down the CNC' target='_blank'>machining cost? Here, we are going to talk about the 4 factors which bear on the cost of CNC parts.


CNC Machining Services


1. Machining time: machining time is often the main cost driver in the CNC Machining Service. Typically, the longer machining time usually brings higher manufacturing cost.

2. Demanded quantity: the volume significant bears on the part costs. The more volume is an opportunity to reduce the unit price.

3. Material cost: the selection of bulk material greatly affects on the overall part cost. Optimizing your design, while selecting the best economy material without affect the product’s application, this is a good solution to cut down costs.

4. Other manufacturing cost: if your part have special requirement such as tight tolerance, high glossy, thin walls etc, all these will enhance the machining difficulties, which leads to the higher CNC machining costs.

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