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What is A Reasonable Cost for A Plastic Injection Mold?

Release time:2019-09-05

What is A Reasonable Cost for A Plastic Injection Mold?

Injection Molding Services

There are many factors involved in cost calculations. Here, we talk about some major factors:
1. The' target='_blank'>molded object’s size.
2. Cavity number of applicable.
3. Complexity of your part, ie., number of parts required in mold.
4. Mold life.
5. Mold steel and mold components.
6. Facilities where mold is made.
Meanwhile, we need to take the following factors into considerations, even though they have minor effects:
7. Time frame for mold manufacturing.
8. Stringency of dimensions.
9. Miscellaneous (runner type, ejection mechanism etc.)
10. Injection material
11. Glossy / grain requirements.
There may have great differences on cost depending on where you wish to manufacture your molds. Having OEM in China is the most cost effective way to build you injection mold and get your injection molded parts nowadays.
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