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6 Benefits of Plastic Injection Molding

Release time:2019-09-05
The' target='_blank'>plastic injection' target='_blank'>molding method is one of the most mature techniques for producing low to high volume plastic parts. Benefit from this technology, we can make our custom products easier and easier. Here, we are going to talk about the advantages of plastic injection molding:
1. Accurate
We can manufacture our custom plastic part in highly accurate by this method. For some critical dimensions in thermoplastic part, we can reach +0.05 / -0.05 mm depends on the part size.
2. Flexibility
The production process is flexible with the option to match your needs in quantities or colors. You can easily switch the part color after certain quantities molding, or you can have your parts in several colors in small quantities.
3. High strength components
For some components, they needed to be worked under pressure. High strength is very important! By using the injection molding process, we can select the high strength material to mold the part. This is easy to reach the requirements not only for material selection but also for the manufacture stability.
4. Fast
Plastic injection molding allows you to make your parts in high efficiency, especially for the high volume production. Most parts are easily completed within a time-frame of 15 t0 30 seconds.
5. Smooth finish
Series of finishes are available for your selection. Glossy, texture, smooth, etc can be applied onto your parts directly without secondary operation.
6. Low cost production
Plastic Injection Molding is a low cost production. It is not only benefit for the large volume production but also benefit for low volume manufacturing nowadays. There is rapid tooling method which is quite suitable for the low volume production, lower cost without compromising the quality. When you have 50, 100 or more plastic parts needed to be made, you can consider the rapid tooling method.
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