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The 5 Key Factors in Injection Molding Process

Release time:2019-09-06

The 5 Key Factors in Injection Molding Process

Injection Molding Service

Even though your' target='_blank'>mold is built perfectly and worked in conditions, but without proper injection parameters, you can never obtain good products. Here, we are going to talk about the 5 key factors in injection' target='_blank'>molding process.
There are temperature, pressure, time, speed and position.
1.  Temperature: it includes barrel temperature, material melt temperature, mold temperature, material dried temperature.
2.  Pressure: it includes injection pressure, holding pressure, back pack pressure, clamping force.
3.  Time: it includes injection time, holding time, cooling time, material dried time.
4.  Speed: it includes injection speeds, back pack speed, mold close and open speed.
5.   Position: it includes gauge position, ejection position, mold open position.
All these parameters bear on the molded parts. We looks for the best injection parameters in mold trial, we always start with the low injection pressure. We can tell the material flow by seeing the short shot sample, then add the pressure steps by steps, the part finally filled. Then we start to adjust the other parameter to make the part in best conditions of dimensions and cosmetic.
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