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A Complete Guide for Vacuum Casting Services!!

Release time:2019-11-25
Rapid Prototyping technology is continuously changing and bringing innovations in the industry with new and advanced concepts. The use of' target='_blank'>rapid prototypinig especially 3D-printing is never restricted and has taken over various categories in the market like garments, automobiles, art and craft and many more. One of the primary terminologies of the' target='_blank'>rapid prototyping industry is vacuum casting. Many industries are bringing the concept of vacuum casting service in their business to provide exceptional benefits to the people around the world. The discussion shows the importance of the service so it is the time to know details like functioning, advantages, disadvantages and many more.

What is the Vacuum Casting Process?

The process works on the rubber-like material known as the elastomers which are cast into the mold with the use of the vacuum. The liquid material converts into a solid structure after undergoing several steps.

  • The process is also known as thermoforming which is a manufacturing process where the plastic sheets are pre-heated until it becomes soft and pliable.
  • Second, the pre-heated sheet comes in contact with the mold and the source of the vacuum is kept ON. The vacuum sucks the sheet to the mold to give a definite shape.
  • Third, the liquid gets the shape of the mold once it gets cooled down. The vacuum casting services complete with a die-cut of the mold.

The process takes the minimum time to complete and each part of the mold comes with easy and smooth finishes and requires minimal trimming. The perfect shape is the desired result that people prefer to have after the several steps of the service.

Advantages of the Vacuum Casting Services:

  • Helps to manufacture larger parts
Traditionally, the old techniques in 3D printing were able to handle only small designs but vacuum casting techniques are used where bigger pieces are required and it easy to customize the requirements of the people.

  • Quick production time frame
The prototype techniques used to take several days to bring the result out but as compared vacuum casting services take a maximum of four weeks. In the case of extensive labor work and machinery, it can be completed within 2 to 5 days.

  • Low startup cost and production
The process is beneficial for the startup companies which begin with little production numbers. The process is applicable and cost-effective for a small production like large orders in any other process.

Disadvantages of Vacuum Casting Service:

  • Difficult to get intricate features
The process is well-known for customization according to the requirements of the customers but in case of any intricate features, it requires additional tooling like pressure forming. The process requires high-price equipment.
  • Poor maintenance of mold affects performance
The company providing the vacuum casting services needs to regularly maintain the mold for the success of the process. After continuous use of the same mold, it starts giving mark-off which means instant cleaning is a must.
  • Problems in hollow casting
As already discussed, the process includes casting of the molded parts but in the case of hollow parts, it becomes challenging. Till now, there is no development done in science to deal with such problems.

The overall discussion shows that the vacuum casting services are better option than the old techniques of manufacturing as the process is very quick and saves a lot of time. It is a commercial process but works according to the requirements and tailor-needs of the people.
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