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How to deal with 3D printing prototype fault?

Release time:2023-12-22

In the process of 3D printer printing prototype, you may encounter the unexpected situation of 3D printing technology prototype fault. Do you know what causes the phenomenon of 3D printing technology prototype fault?How do we deal with this phenomenon?

1. The printer nozzle is blocked

Because the 3D printing material can only be extruded after melting, and some materials contain impurities, the nozzle will be blocked for a long time, resulting in uneven filaments and resulting in faults.In case of this problem, the print head can be heated to 220℃ and the material can be extruded or the pipe can be unblocked with the appropriate size of the hexagon socket wrench or other metal tools.

2. Damaged throat of printer

Throat when the printer for long time use wear shorter, there will be a small amount of material into space, thus produce fault when printing, often overlooked because this phenomenon is not obvious, but in the intangible influences the printing effect, so we can take other measures still cannot solve the problem when check the pipes are damaged, to be replaced.

3.The height of the model is set too high when slicing

Most 3D printers have nozzles with diameters between 0.3 and 0.5mm. For example, a machine with nozzles of 0.4mm but with a height of 0.5mm can create gaps in the stack.Although the height set by hongrui slicing software cannot be larger than the diameter of the nozzle, many people will set the two parameters to the same, in fact, it will still lead to fault, so the height of the 3D printing hand plate must be smaller than the diameter of the nozzle, generally at least 20% smaller.

4. Material quality problem

If faults occur in each layer during the printing process, or if faults still occur in the continuous printing of multiple models when there are no problems in machine performance, section setting and other aspects, it is the material quality problem. At this time, you can directly replace the material and then try again.

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