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What is a silicone prototype?

Release time:2023-12-22

Silicone prototype is, PVC' target='_blank'>plastic' target='_blank'>mold, cement products mold, low melting point alloy mold, alloy toy technology, toys, electronics, crafts, stationery industry, large statues, cultural relics copy, (shoe mold) sole mold manufacturing, offset printing positioning, electronic equipment seismic, and other products model development and design.

Directions for use

Liquid silica gel is A flowing liquid, no matter what color, in fact, the mass is the same, A component is the flowing liquid (namely silica gel), B component is the curing agent.First the copy of the product or model to deal with, take a certain amount of colloids, add 2-3% curing agent, stir evenly after the vacuum treatment, and then the treated slurry into the processed mold frame, 2-3 hours mold can be cured.

Production process

The processing methods of open silica gel prototype are package mold, brush mold (shred mold, stereo mold, plane mold), perfusion mold, which is decided according to the size of the product.

1. Package: first, cover the mold with a layer of soil with a thickness of 3~5mm, then make a plaster coat. Remove soil stains and remove the mold seed.

2. Brush die: generally brush three layers according to the requirements of the mold multi-layer, the first layer of the brush on the mold vacuum, brush in place.The second layer is covered with gauze.The third cover is solidified and formed.

3. Perfusion mold: pour the evenly stirred silica gel and curing agent into the container of good mold, then vacuum solidify and shape.Some can not be directly taken out of the mold seed also have to open the mold, in order to produce smoothly.

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