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Do you know how amazing 3D printing is in medicine?

Release time:2024-01-11

Do you know how amazing 3D printing is in medicine?

According to Techspot, long-distance space travel to Mars or other planets could face a number of dangers in the future, including a lack of treatment for severely injured astronauts.People who later suffer severe burns or fractures can be helped by a 3D printer that creates skin and bones.


According to Techspot, scientists from dresden’s technical university hospital have developed the first 3d-printed skin and bone samples for use in space;It has been reported that in space, people do not heal as quickly as they would on earth after being easily injured.
Using a 3D printer to produce human tissue in space has several problems: finding the “bio-ink” needed, and the difficulty of using a 3D printer in weightlessness.To solve these problems, Nieves Cubo, a biofilter at the university, offers the following approach: 3d-printed skin cells can be biprinted using human plasma as a “bio-ink” that is easily available.Making 3d-printed bone samples involves a “bio-ink composition” with calcium phosphate cement added as a structural support material that is then absorbed during the growth phase.

As for how 3D printers work in space, researchers have created an entirely new method of 3D printing that USES plant materials to thicken human blood so it can be used in the face of changes in gravity.
Esa hopes the project will eventually be able to 3D print entire internal organs.On earth, we have seen the world’s first 3d-printed respiratory organ and a 3d-printed cornea.
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