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Amazing 3D printing technology — 3D printed prosthesis

Release time:2024-01-11

Many people have lost limbs, but sadly, many leg amputees do not have prosthetics. Fortunately, the situation is improving.Because 3D printing is playing an important role in the manufacture of artificial limbs.

About 3D printed prosthetics

3D printed prosthesis

Standard leg repairs cost about $3,000.Although national health care centers may pay for amputees, many people still do not have prosthetics because of the high cost.

Legs designed for cycling, running and other outdoor activities cost more.These can cost as much as $15,000.

Like many industries that have successfully integrated 3D printing, the goal is to reduce production costs.So is the prosthetics industry.With 3D printing, prosthetics can be made cheaply, making them more affordable and easy to use.

Another benefit of 3d-printed prosthetics is that amputees can choose from a variety of designs for their prosthetics.Standard prosthetics aren’t pretty, but with 3D printing, they can.

Lower prices could also allow amputees to use a variety of prosthetics in a variety of Settings.

In the past few years, there have been many successful 3d-printed prosthetics projects.Today, we take a look at some of the best leg repair projects.

3D printed prosthesis

The 3D printed prosthetic leg was made in 17 days

Natasha hope-simpson lost her right leg in a car accident in 2013.As a designer, she wanted to create something beautiful to fill her “negative body space”.

Looking for a prosthetic design, natasha came across a 3D printed mask from a New York designer.She contacted me and translated the design from a mask to her 3d-printed prosthesis.

Natasha’s right leg was scanned to create a CAD file for the prosthesis.This is to ensure the symmetry between her right leg and her “new” left prosthetic leg.

Natasha’s 3D Printed prosthesis is Printed on a 3D printer.It took the team 17 days from an idea to the finished product.

Programs like this do improve the well-being of amputees.In this case, 3D printing is being used as a customization tool, not necessarily as a cost-cutting tool.

With the help of skilled engineers and 3D designers, natasha was able to get her own unique prosthesis.Seeing natasha smile, she received her own unique 3D printed prosthetic leg.

3D printed prosthesis

Modern 3D printed prosthetic leg covers

This is Art4Leg, a modern 3d-printed prosthetic leg sleeve designed by Tomas Vacek.Art4Leg is not a 3d-printed prosthesis, but is designed to be used as a standard prosthesis for amputees today.It addresses the fact that most standard prosthetics are boring from a design point of view.

Modern in appearance, the delicate shape accentuates the muscular tissue it replaces in the leg.Due to clean, intelligent natural design, one’s lack of a leg becomes less obvious.

This 3d-printed prosthetic leg sleeve is held in place by a strong magnet.The magnet allows amputees to easily remove the lid and replace it with another to accommodate their movements.Art4Leg is manufactured on an industrial-grade 3D printer and can be ordered in all sizes and colors.

3D printed prosthesis

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