Precautionary Measures For Fire Prevention Of Precision Machining Manufacturer

Release time:2018-08-30

In the current mechanical processing enterprises, safety issues must be taken seriously. This is a point that all companies are now paying more attention to. There are many kinds of security issues, of which fire safety is a top priority. Precision machining manufacturer should pay attention to a few points in fire prevention.

1. Precise mechanical processing workshops should be built at the beginning of construction or lease, and one or two grades of fire-resistant buildings should be selected, and no other proposed buildings can be built inside the workshop, especially some non-refractory simple buildings.

2. It is forbidden to use gasoline, alcohol, etc. on the machine in the workshop. After the washing of precision machining aircraft component, the residual oil must not be randomly placed. Even if it is to be placed, it must be placed in a place with fire prevention facilities. It should be handled in a container at a designated location. In the production workshop, smoking must be banned. This is very important, and often a small cigarette butt will cause irreversible damage.

3.The machine tool electrical equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained. It must be discovered that the hidden danger must be promptly eliminated. Installation, demolition, overhaul and commissioning must all be performed by professional plumbers according to the regulations. The metal housing of all electrical equipment should be reliably grounded.

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