Analysis of Processing Technology of Plate Precision Machined Brass Component

Release time:2018-08-30

The main processes for the processing of precision machined brass component of discs are rough and finish machining of inner and outer surfaces. In particular, the coarse and fine processing of holes is the most important. The commonly used processing methods include drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, grinding, drawing, grinding, and the etc. Among them, drilling, reaming, and boring are generally used as roughing and semi-finishing of holes, and reaming. Grinding, lapping, and grinding holes are the finishing of holes. In the determination of the hole processing plan is generally carried out according to the principle.

1) The holes with smaller apertures are mostly drilled, expanded and hinged.

2) Holes with large hole diameters are mostly drilled and drilled for further finishing.

3) If the quenched steel or the set of similar parts with high precision is required, grind the hole.

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