Tooling and Fixture Overview

Release time:2018-08-31

When working with the right tool and fixture shopstooling and fixture projects are customized for assembled parts. Some examples of this are BMC toolingmachine tool light fixturesdrilling fixtures and tooling, and jigs. With the information provided, you will have a better understanding of the type of work involved.

While these functions are all unique, they are used to produce superior-quality tools for a variety of industries. That means that tools are fabricated to be accurate, strong, and durable while meeting the customer’s specifications.

BMC Tooling

BMC is the acronym for Bulk Molding Compound, which is conformed to a mold form via applied pressure. The compound is then heated to the point that a curing reaction occurs. From there, the mold is cooled and the part is removed. Depending on the process, materials are loaded into the mold as a sheet or pellets. In addition, the mold can be loaded using a plastic extruder. The goal is to distribute the feed material evenly over the surface of the mold in an effort to reduce the flow orientation during the compression stage.

Drilling Fixtures and Tooling

The fixture holds the workpiece in place while the drill jig helps guide the drill bit to the appropriate location where holes are to be made. Usually, the holes are a part of the drilling fixture design, providing space for the drill bit so that it can go through the workpiece without the drill or fixture experiencing damage.

Bushings, which are bearing sleeves, go inside the holes to serve as protection and guide the drill bit. To prevent bending of the workpiece while under the drill’s force, it is important for drilling fixtures to be properly designed.

Machine Tool Light Fixtures

Machine tooling is used in the fabrication of emergency, industrial, LED, and machine lights and portable work lights. This process ensures a high quality and zero defects.

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