Plastic Prototype Suppliers: The Importance of Early Prototypes in a Robust Product Development Process

Release time:2018-08-31

Early prototyping is critical in many scenarios, especially when it comes to a robust product development process, according to top plastic prototype suppliers. A CNC prototype can help reveal design flaws that might have been otherwise overlooked. Plastic prototyping accomplishes a number of objectives, such as visualizing how a part or component might work and how it would function even if it does not appear to be perfect.

Key Benefits of Early Prototypes

Any time that development involves a large volume of parts or components, early plastic prototyping is vital. With this process,plastic suppliers have the opportunity to make appropriate changes before the product is made, which benefits the customer and the end-product user. Other benefits include:

  • Tests various design features
  • Verifies design functionality
  • Reviews initial branding images or product shapes
  • Promotes early interest
  • Elicits valuable customer feedback
  • Creates a testing foundation for the development of additional features
  • Identifies possible defects, irregularities, and other issues ahead of mass production
  • Allows company stakeholders to review a physical model and generates a better understanding of the product
  • Saves the customer money, with savings passed down to the end-product user

Working with reputable plastic prototyping suppliers ensures clear and concise communication among all parties. That way, every product specification is clearly understood during the initial design phase. However, even if something were miscommunicated, the error would be detected with the CNC prototyping.

Prototyping prior to mass production also helps determine if the manufacturing company is capable of making the product. If a company struggles to create a prototype, it would be incapable of producing hundreds, if not tens of thousands, of parts and components. In that case, the customer would need to consider different plastic prototyping suppliers.

The goal with prototyping is to make a product with relative ease that fits its intended purpose within the respective market while being as cost-effective as possible. The prototype gives the engineering and design teams the opportunity to review things like Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Manufacture (DFM). It also allows the team to conduct tests for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA).

For success with prototyping parts and components ahead of mass production, it all comes down to working with a qualified supplier. For outstanding quality, innovative design, and superior prototyping services, you can always trust Global Tech Ventures. Our experts possess the required experience and expertise to bring your product to fruition. Please contact us today to get started.

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