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Design and optimization for processing technology

Release time:2023-11-27

What factors are our quotations based on?

1.Raw material costs, settlement by rough
2.Heat treatment fee
3.Surface treatment and pretreatment fee
4.Machining costs, of course, are settled in accordance with the' target='_blank'>machining man-hours required by the technological process
5.Outsourcing processing fee
6.Auxiliary material costs, including cutting tools, measuring tools, equipment depreciation, sandblasting, paint, etc.
7.Labor and electricity
8.Transportation fees during processing
9.Finished product inspection and non-destructive testing, material testing and other costs
10.Reasonable profit
11.Reasonable apportionment of mold costs
12.Reasonable apportionment of various management expenses
13.Shipping cost
15.After-sales service fee

The above fees should be used flexibly, and detailed quotation details should be formulated according to the actual needs of customers.

What kind of drawings can we quote?

  Available formats Drawing purpose
2D drawing
View tolerance and threads
3D drawing

1.Check if the shape is reasonable

2.Easy to program

How do we optimize the design?

1. First of all, we must ensure the feasibility of processing

Many designers do not consider the processing technology when designing the drawings. Although the drawings are beautiful in design, they cannot be processed by mechanical processing. At this time, they need to modify the drawings to make them suitable for mechanical processing. (Different from 3D printing, 3D printing can be made as long as there are three-dimensional drawings)

2. Consider saving processing costs

There are some drawings of the design, because some small details are not considered too well, which will increase the processing cost a lot. For example: some inner right angles, in fact, the milling cutter can not be processed, and can only be done by EDM. If the customer can If it is changed to rounded corners, we will recommend the customer to change it. There are also some unnecessary rounded corners. If it is just for the purpose of not cutting hands, we will recommend that customers change to beveled corners. (Corner C)

3. Ensure good coordination of all parts

Usually the parts are not used alone, so when we get the drawing, we usually communicate with the customer how to assemble or what it is used for, so that we can better understand what tolerances and tightness are suitable for this product. If we find that there is a problem with the matching of two parts, such as the diameter of the hole is 30, but the diameter of the column is also 30, we will provide the customer to adjust the size to facilitate the assembly of the two parts.

4. Other optimization suggestions

Because our engineers are very professional, there may be other suggestions, such as materials, such as surface treatment, we will give the best suggestions we feel according to customer requirements for you to adopt.

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