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OEM CNC parts crafted for flawless performance

Release time:2023-11-27

OEM CNC parts crafted for flawless performance

Need parts that you can assemble at your facility without worrying about how accurately they will come together? BaiChuan Precision is looking forward to creating them for you. We can manufacture simple and intricate OEM' target='_blank'>machining parts for shipbuilding companies, automakers, refinery equipment suppliers, and more.

Since our inception, we have been creating parts with elaborate design features faster than other CNC machine operators. Our 99% success rate speaks volumes about how responsive we are to all OEM orders. Do you have one to be handled by BaiChuan Precision? Share your files, and, likely, you’ll get your OEM CNC parts within 7 days. No quality assessment and compliance assurance step will fall under the radar.

Our OEM parts CNC machining process

You can start with a precise prototype of your parts or launch a full production cycle straight away. Our team of engineers can instantly act upon the files we receive from you to source materials and set up CNC machines for:

  • The dimensions of your parts
  • Your quality requirements
  • Needed tolerances
  • Design and assembly intricacies

The setup process is performed by our in-house programmers and engineers fluent in G-code. After taking a closer look at CAD and CAM files describing your OEM milling parts in detail, we will put code behind CNC operations to optimize the speed of equipment and configurations of the axes. This action is necessary to prevent inaccuracies and design inconsistencies that manual processes may cause during the measurement and machining stages.

Before moving forward with your OEM CNC machining parts, we will double-check G-code commands for how accurately they match the mechanical dimensions and design blueprints. If everything seems to work like a well-oiled machine, the production process is initiated and controlled throughout all CNC operations.

Once our CNC equipment completes the job, the BaiChuan Precision quality control team will run a final series of inspections on your OEM parts. These follow pre-manufacturing checks and inspections carried out during the production cycle. Our QA process involves many tests and special-purpose testing equipment, such as measuring tools, microscopes, and projectors, to keep our ISO:9001:2015 bar high and meet technical standards defined by ISO 2768.

Our equipment for OEM parts CNC

BaiChuan Precision operates 20 CNC machining centers to create parts to the needed dimensions and in large quantities. Our setups are capable of milling, turning, cutting, and other CNC processes while bringing in quality and automated precision for OEM orders.

Depending on the type of your OEM CNC milling parts and design requirements, your pieces will be created using:

3-axis CNC machines: Best for simple parts, housings, and fixtures with plain dimensions.
4-axis CNC machines: Best for precise rotating of circular workpieces, spirals, and columns.
Gantry milling machines: Best for CNC operations used for more elaborate designs, including irregular surfaces, pieces with varying heights, and extra-large parts.

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