ISO9001-2008 wheel alloy mold aluminium die casting mould maker injection mould spring

Product Description


 Raw material  Mould steel H13, 8407, 2344
 Die-casting mould technology

 Designing sample or drawing by software UG or Pro/E, improving

 mold design with mold flow analysis, production after

 design confirming.

 Die-casting product process

Die-castingp roduct is a method of casting liquid die, which is completed on a special die-casting die machine. Its basic technological process is : the liquid  metal is first filled into the cavity of the die at low or high speed, and the die has a movable cavity surface. It is forged under pressure with the cooling process of the liquid metal, which not only eliminates the shrinkage defects of the blank, but also makes the internal structure of the blank reach the broken grains as forged. The comprehensive mechanical properties of the blank have been significantly improved.


 Aviation, aerospace, Medical care, electronics, computers,

 machinery, ships, automotive industry, household appliances, 

communications, light industrial products, gifts, toys, 

plastic products, sports and leisure.


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