mock up samples
prototype mock up samples
General Feacture:

Let's work together to make your designed-part life come from here...


1.PrototypingWay:CNC/SLA/SLS/FDM/Precision machining/3D printing/Rapid molding...
2.Material:plastic, metal, steel like abs,pc,pmma,pe,pp,pa66,pu,rubber,silicone,aluminum,iron,zinc,steel etc...
3.Lead-Time:3~5days delivery
5.Quality Management:ISO 9001:2008 and TUV SUD
6.Advantage:High quality, low prices, fast turnaround, free shipping by air within 3 days, no extra tax.
7.Application:Fast way to realiez and test your designed-parts and develop your new products to market.




Plastic andMetal part life from here...

Prototyping Solution



Product Name:

prototype mock up samples


 Computer Numerical Control(CNC)

 Any material that is commercially available in stock sizes.  A wide variety of plastic and metal material options.ABS,PMMA,POM,PP,PU,PC,PA66,PMMA,PVC,PVE, aluminum Zinc alloy, copper, iron, steel.

 +/- 0.005"

 Fused Deposition Modeling(FDM)

 production-quality ABS, ABS-M30 Polycarbonate PC-ABS PC-ISOULTEM, & PPSF

 +/- 0.002"

 Low Volume production(Silicone Mould /vacuum casting)

 ABS,PP,PC,PMMA,POM,Nylon ,PU and so on

+/- 0.003"

Precision low volume production(injection molding)


+/- 0.001"

 Metal prototypes(CNC,EDM,Drilling, Milling)

 Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, 17-7 PH, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Copper, Nickel Alloys, Beryllium Copper



 Technician's Choice, Semi-Flexible, PE-Like  Durable, PP-Like,ABS-Like  High-Impact ABS-Like Rigid, PC-Like High-Temp ABS-Like  High Resolution

  +/- 0.002"

 Selective Laser Sintering(SLS)

 Nylon, Glass-Filled Nylon, Flame Retardant Nylon and Durable Nylon.

  +/- 0.005"

Layer Thickness: 0.


3D Printing

ABS or PLA. Fast to print the model within 1~2hours

+/- 0.003"

Surface Treatment:





-          Can be painted in any color with silk LOGO

-          Semi-transparent & 100% transparent

-          Laser engraving marks on surfaces

-          Anodizing

-          Electroplating

-          Painting

-          Chrome plating

-          Powder coating (Sand blasted)

Proper for plastic and metal parts

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