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Professional CNC lathe, milling machine, high precision hardware fittings, communications parts, plastic parts, server parts, thermistor parts, medical equipment parts, auto and motorcycle accessories in various fields.Main products are: panel, flange, shaft, aluminum shell components, motor shell, gear, tube products Pin, oscillator, eccentric column, coupling rod, block, terminal, screw, Stud bolt, die casting, pressure riveting nut, pressure riveting parts,machinery parts, non-standard fasteners, mold core, roll rachis, etc...


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Please contact us first, price negotiable, I will try my best to supply best service to you !


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Vowin specializes in the development and production of hardware products, the complete equipment and strong technical force.High quality service, reasonable prices, innovative development, win-win cooperation, our products are widely used in Medical Equipment Industry, 3D Printer Parts, AV Equipment Parts, Auto and Motorcycle accessories etc. We have already built good relationship with our customers like the United States, Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Australia, Italy, Poland, Romania and so on.

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