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What is Extrusion Prototyping? Explanation with Examples!!

Release time:2020-04-03
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What is Extrusion Prototyping?

Extrusions are basically the parts which have a definitive cross-sectional profile. Before producing large amounts of extrusions, it is always beneficial to generate prototypes so that any fixes can be made beforehand, if any. This is why manufacturers need extrusion prototyping. It helps them to avoid errors and defects and, thereby, reduce costs of fixes.

Extrusion prototyping is a highly economical method of manufacturing (as mentioned above) even when you need to perform some' target='_blank'>machining to add fixing joints, threads or access panels. Though there is tooling involved, this production method is not in the same category of injection' target='_blank'>molding tooling. Unlike other methods, it is a faster and cheaper process to create extrusion prototypes. Most of the times, it is mainly used for manufacturing plastic and aluminium products such as pipes, window frames, and conduits.

To Understand The Process In a Better Way, Let’s Take an Example of Aluminium and Plastic.

Extrusion Prototyping with Aluminium and Plastic:

What can we produce using extrusion prototyping services? There are several options and if you are working with a reputed and experienced service provider, you may have more choices than that of providers with less experience and knowledge.

In the case of aluminium, you can wire erode. If the part required is in sub 600mm in length, wire eroding is a good option. While the process is relatively slow in this case, the wire you get will be very fine with good detail and surface finish. If the part is longer than this and the form is simple, it is still possible to CNC the prototype up to lengths of 1 meter. However, this is extremely sensitive to geometry and wall section and will not be suitable for all cases. With this process, other good options to create are sections, tubing, rods, and co-extruded parts.

When it comes to plastic, the most widely extruded material used is PVC. In plastic extrusion, the plastic is melted and shaped into a continuous profile and cut to length. It can be used for producing a wide variety of items made with different materials such as PC, PS, PP, ABS, and PMMA along with PVC.

Do you need aluminium or plastic extruded prototypes? Hire an experienced and reputed extrusion prototyping service provider to ensure quality, accuracy, and low cost.  
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