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3D Printing Process Materials

Release time:2024-03-18

3D Printing Process Materials

  • SLA


    Resin 8119: A common SLA material with a temperature resistance of up to 65°C.

    Resin 8118H: A nylon-like resin with exceptionally high tenacity.

    Resin 8228: An ABS-like resin resistant to impact and temperatures up to 70°C.

    Resin 8338: The most temperature-resistant of our resins, able to withstand temperatures up to 120°C.

  • SLS


    Nylon PA12: An SLS material that offers mechanical strength and thermal and chemical resistance, as well as long-term stability.

    Alumide: Aluminium-filled nylon provides high stiffness and a metallic appearance.

    TPU: A highly elastic material with high tear and abrasion resistance, as well as satisfactory thermal resistance.

  • SLM


    Titanium: Titanium alloys (6Al-4V and 6Al-4V ELI) can withstand high temperatures, offer a high strength-to-weight ratio and are resistant to corrosion. Can be heat treated for superior strength.

    Aluminum: Aluminum alloys (AlSi12 and AlSi10Mg) provide strength and hardness, and work well with complex shapes or parts with thin walls.

    Stainless Steel: Stainless steels are resistant to wear, corrosion and abrasion.

    Cobalt: Cobalt-chrome alloys offer high strength, hardness and resistance to high temperatures.

    Nickel: Nickel alloys are resistant to heat, corrosion and oxidation, and create parts with strength in high-temperature environments.

    Precious Metals: Metals like gold, silver and platinum are ductile and provide a desirable appearance.

  • FDM


    PLA: The most widely used FDM material, PLA (Polylactic Acid) is affordable, stiff and strong.   It also comes in many colors and blends.

    ABS: Another common FDM material, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is also resistant to high temperatures. PETG: PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate) has high impact resistance and good thermal characteristics.   It is also food safe.

    Nylon: Tough and flexible, nylon is strong and resistant to wear and chemicals.   It is, however, vulnerable to humidity.

    TPE/TPU: A blend of plastic and rubber, these thermoplastic filaments produce highly flexible parts.

    PC: PC (Polycarbonate) filaments produce extremely strong parts that are resistant to heat and impact.

  • 3D Printing Process Materials
  • 3D Printing Process Materials
  • 3D Printing Process Materials
  • 3D Printing Process Materials
  • 3D Printing Process Materials
  • 3D Printing Process Materials
  • 3D Printing Process Materials


  • How fast is SLA printing?

    At PrintAWorld our industrial SLA printers can print massive parts in less than a day. It would take at least another day to cure and clean the parts before sending it out to our clients.

  • What type of SLA 3D Printer do you have?

    We have the Formlabs 2 and Formlabs 3 at our disposal. We also use industrial printers such as the Union Tech Lite600HD and our very own PrintAWorld SLA-Pro 600.

  • Why don't you like FDM technology?

    We started with FDM printers but we quickly outgrew them. We realized just how painful it is to clean each prints and, even then, the quality is still not what we want. It has its use but we just believe that stereolithography SLA printing technology is the obvious choice for most of the projects that we do

  • Can KAIERWO make design drawings for me?

    We don't provide design services. You are responsible for submitting 2D and 3D CAD drawings, and we can then provide a Design for Mant facturing review upon receiving your order.

  • How do l know my design will be kept confidential?

    We of coursewil sign and adhere to any non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. We also have a strict policy within our factory that no photographs are ever lwed of a customers product without express permission. Ultimately we rely on our reputation of working with hundreds ofthousands of unique designs over many years and never allowing any proprietary information to be disclosed to a third party.

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