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Do you understand the importance of prototyping?

Release time:2023-12-22

Generally speaking, the prototyping is one or several functional samples made according to the appearance drawing or structure drawing of the product under the premise of no' target='_blank'>mold, which are used to check the rationality of appearance or structure. For prototyping production, it is very important to have these four places

1.Design optimization: modern industrial design includes a wide range of contents, from small paper clips, ballpoint pens, to large aircraft, ships, all include the shadow of modern industrial design, but so many products, its planning is not the same.

2.Design review: in the process of product planning, review is very important, visualization is an important part of product planning expression, is the pillar of planning review.Compared with 2D representation of plane, prototype machining has irreplaceable advantages.The manual model can make the details of the product clearer, and the visual feeling of the product more intuitive. Everyone in the team can observe these plans, which has obvious advantages in coordinating the work of the whole team.


3.Function inspection: prototyping production can do must have the function of inspection, can simulate the shape of the end products, including function shape, surface shape, such as using must strength data (such as ABS, PC, etc.), can produce contains the function of internal layout type [2] hand-board model, to check the product layout is reasonable, the wall thickness is not conform to the requirements, the moving parts is smooth, etc.Prototypes can also be used for aerodynamic checks.

4.Cost reduction: the steady promotion of the planning process is very necessary, so it is very important to timely find defects in the product planning process in the early stage of product planning, timely correction, and then to prevent follow-up production of questions, during which model making is an important link that can be used.Through the production of hand model, the shape, size, layout or color test of the end of the product can be obtained with the least cost, and the important information such as product volume and quality can be predicted, which can be useful to control the packaging cost, transportation cost and material cost of production and production.And from this budget the product sales price and sales profit.The production of hand model is a useful method of cost control.If the cost exceeds the initial fantasy of the plan, it can be adjusted in time until it meets the established policy scale of the cost.

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