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The latest ZEUS 8 electric motorcycle features 3D printing services parts

Release time:2023-12-22

Fast Radius, a additive manufacturing (3D printing services) provider, and Curtis, a custom electric motorcycle start-up, have teamed up to develop a prototype of the forthcoming car.Zeus 8, an electric motorcycle with visible battery columns, was first shown publicly last week.Fast Radius USES a hybrid additive and subtractive manufacturing method for multiple parts of a bicycle, making it commercially available by 2020.


Future-oriented 3D printing services electric motorcycles

Curtis was founded in 2018 with the mission of “creating sustainable, desirable, average, clean, green, future-oriented electric scooters.”Zeus is one of the company’s two entry-level motorcycle designs, the other is the Hades, a bullet-shaped motorcycle.Zeus’s chassis is a 1.75 “ti/cr tubular and 6061 aluminum welded piece that provides light weight and support for the motorcycle’s iconic battery layout.It has a wheelbase of 62 “, ground clearance of 9.5 “and seat height of 27.5”.Zeus has a peak output of 217 HP and is currently quoted at $75,000.

3D printing services


On-demand 3D printing services

Recently, Curtis attended the Quail Motorsports Gathering meeting in Carmel, calif., where a prototype Zeus 8 was Gathering.According to China 3D printing network, 60 widgets were customized for Zeus 8 using mixed subtraction and additive manufacturing.Fast Radius completed all parts of the project in 12 days and saved about 95% of the cost of producing parts.

Building on the success of the 3D printing services prototype, the two companies have agreed to continue working together on more of Curtis’ upcoming vehicle projects, including the first 100 Zeus 8 models to be purchased next year.Curtis is understood to be considering applying the 3D printing services to the final components of seats and handles on Zeus 8 motorcycles.

Radius, Fast sales vice President Brian Simms said, “our relationship with the Curtis is ideal, because it can let them do their best things – design a stunning motorcycle – at the same time, we will do best – project match the right technology in rapid access to quality, we are looking for innovation with Curtis, because we will continue to grow our brand.”

3D printing services

3D printing services the next generation of electric motorcycles

The 3D printing services is proving to be a valuable tool for prototyping and customizing the next generation of electric motorcycles.CRP Technology, the award-winning material manufacturer that has a long-standing relationship with Energica, has introduced 3D printed parts to the MotoE World Cup circuit in 2019.BORN Motor Co., a barcelona-based maker of custom motorcycles, is also using 3D printing services to produce non-aesthetic parts for its bikes, saving an average of 2,000 euros per bike.

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