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prototype: What is Functional testing?

Release time:2024-03-18

Functional testing

What is Functional testing?

What is Functional testing?

A functional prototype is the most basic working prototype built to validate a' target='_blank'>product design. Additionally, it is an integral part of the assembly, testing, piloting, and market research process that evaluates design, materials, strength, tolerances, assembly, work mechanisms, manufacturability. Manufactured with several prototyping techniques and engineering-grade materials, functional prototypes are alternatives to finished products, allowing examination and testing on form, fitness, and functionality under extreme working conditions to improve designs.

  • Engineering verification

    An engineering verification test (EVT) is performed on first engineering prototypes, to ensure that the basic unit performs to design goals and specifications.[1] Verification ensures that designs meets requirements and specification while validation ensures that created entity meets the user needs and objectives


    In the prototyping stage, engineers create actual working samples of the product they plan to produce. Engineering verification testing (EVT) is used on prototypes to verify that the design meets pre-determined specifications and design goals. This valuable information is used to validate the design as is, or identify areas that need to be modified.

  • Test the market

    Developing a prototype of your product allows you to bring your product to life for the first time and test it in its market. Your investment in market testing your prototype will help you prepare your product for market entry.

    There are plenty of ways to test your idea on a theoretical level, but you won’t know for sure that it works until the product is in a user’s hands.  Testing your prototypes is a surefire way to get early feedback from end users.

Improve and streamline

What is Rapid Prototyping?

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Prototypes are functional designs that allow you to test and refine your product. Designing, testing, and tweaking prototypes allows you to eventually build a version of the product that meets all your goals. According to Prototypes,you can get early feedback from customer. The sooner you hear reviews and constructive criticism, the easier it is to fix mistakes and fine-tune the product. Furthermore, refining your product early helps you avoid recalls and other post-launch problems. Fixing a mistake or even improving a product after it’s already on the market costs a lot more time and money than improving a prototype.


Most products go through countless prototypes before landing on their final design. Each prototype—even the flawed ones that you inevitably throw away—is a crucial part of creating a successful end product.

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  • Why Choose Kaierwo?
  • Why Choose Kaierwo?
  • Why Choose Kaierwo?
  • Why Choose Kaierwo?
  • Why Choose Kaierwo?
  • Why Choose Kaierwo?
  • Why Choose Kaierwo?
  • Why Choose Kaierwo?


  • 1.How to deal with surface treatment problems?

    Sample color identification and dispensing ensure batch color consistency, strengthen manual inspection, avoid the defective products.

  • 2.What is the best pre-treatment for prepping Aluminium castings?

    Sandblasting Aluminium castings prior to finish is most common. E-coating would be a great economical operation. Chemical film is another treatment. It acts as an excellent primer for wet coat finishes on Aluminium.

  • 3.How surface finishing works?

    Almost all surface finishing processes improve either the aesthetic appearance of the product or its mechanical or chemical properties. Each surface finishing process achieves this in a slightly different way.

  • 4.How much material is removed during the Sandblasting process?

    During the Sandblasting process, the surface of a part is peened off, no part material is removed or lost at all. This process is typically used to soften parting lines or eliminate any sharp edges that could impact your line workers in the assembly process. It can also be used to give a uniform finish.

  • 5.What the benefits of surface finishes?

    Improve the appearance of your finished products, Improve resistance to wear and tear, Ensure good adhesion of paint, Meet your brand requirements...

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