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Do you know what programmers need to pay attention to in CNC machining service?

Release time:2023-12-22

In CNC' target='_blank'>machining service industry, as a programmer, how to do, just a qualified programmer?



1.  understand the X, Y and Z schedules of CNC machining service equipment in our factory, so as to ensure that the spare parts processed by ourselves cannot exceed the schedule of the machine tools;


2.  to understand some of your CNC machining service factory clamping devices, such as copper and processing, is used to a single processing, or code on the board, which is a lot of copper common screw lock on a steel plate, so, I need to have a code in the computer board figure, his need to adjust the various copper on computer graphics the center of the public.


3.  get any copper or steel material figure, need to give the cutting size, need to consider leaving a certain margin;

CNC machining service


4.  need to analyze the size of the copper, choose the appropriate tool diameter, must be CNC machining service factory used to use the tool size series;


5.  it is necessary to analyze the classification of copper common, whether there are abnormal shapes, curved surfaces, whether there are weak parts of strength, whether there are places that cannot be processed, it is necessary to inform the fitter to cooperate with manual processing;


6.  comprehensive copper type and size, reasonable arrangement of the process;

CNC machining service


7.   distinguish rough, medium, finishing, rough processing, use the general old knife.Medium light, choose less wear tool, finishing, choose a new knife.In this way, we can ensure the consistency of the size and graphics produced by our CNC machining service, and at the same time, we can ensure the economy of using tools.


8.  if you need to ensure that several machine tools procedures, you need to reasonably match, that is, a machine tool for large mold, or knife relatively long time workpiece, convenient for their reasonable arrangement of the knife;


9.  provide clear CNC machining service processing program sheet, be sure to specify the length of the tool used in each process, especially small tools, try to ensure that the accuracy of more than 0.5MM can, not too long.

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