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Advantages of Rapid Tooling: How to Choose the Best Tooling Company in China

Release time:2020-04-03

Advantages of Rapid Tooling: How to Choose the Best Tooling Company in China

2018-10-16 10:54:18
Prototyping also known as tooling is one of the most important parts of manufacturing process of different products. It is, in the case of automotive sector, is more crucial as' target='_blank'>rapid tooling helps maintain the precise specification of different parts while reducing the manufacturing cost.

According to a leading tooling company that has been providing rapid tooling service for a long time, the advances in additive manufacturing technologies have made it possible and easier to create any type of prototype and of any material through the rapid tooling process. And the best thing is that the product is highly précised and of superior quality. Rapid tooling process is highly efficient to produce the prototypes in low volume as well as in high volume on demand. With rapid tooling, you can get the desired quantity of products that you need to present as samples in no time.

China has long been known as the go-to region for high volume manufacturing, but there are many reputed companies like Vowin  that offers rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing services potentially at a lower cost than their Western counterparts.

Over a long time, the company Vowin has delivered a number of different projects. It has clients from across the country as well as other parts of the world. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and machines, the company has carved a niche in tooling and prototyping by offering world-class services for the most competitive cost such as:

·       Rapid tooling and rapid injection moulding
·       CNC machining
·       Sheet metal fabrication
·       Vacuum casting
·       Extrusion prototyping
·       SLA rapid prototype
·       And reaction injection moulding

To ensure it delivers the best services that meet your needs perfectly, Vowin has a team of highly experienced engineers and designers from diverse fields such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.

High quality of products/prototypes

There is a misconception that made in china is low in terms of quality. But the fact is pretty contrary if you choose the right tooling company like Vowin. At Vowin, quality within the budget is the ethos of business. And this is why the rapid tooling services it offers have a wider demand in areas of health care, aerospace, pharmaceutical and automotive.

Choose a tooling company with cutting-edge infrastructure

Machines used have a great role in the quality of product. So choose a company that has cutting infrastructure and sophisticated machines. If possible, go and visit the manufacturing facilities to make sure you choose the right company.

Vowin is a leading tooling company in China which has a world-class facility equipped with sophisticated advanced tooling machines to provide best in the class tooling and prototyping services for most competitive price.

So when you need prototyping or tooling services in China, choose a company like Vowin that you can completely trust on for better quality and lower cost.
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