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Vacuum Casting/silicone mold rapid prototype

Release time:2020-07-22

Vacuum casting service of Vowin-PROTOTYPE is able to sustainably satisfy the requirements of customers which are being enhanced continuously, thus obtaining respect from our customers. Vowin-Prototype vacuum casting technology can provide all kinds of polyurethane casting materials for testing and conceptual model validation before the products are put into the market. Vacuum casting, also known as polyurethane casting, is used for small batch production by replicating the main model, and is used to evaluate the market requirements before large mass injection' target='_blank'>' target='_blank'>molding parts are ready. The production of vacuum casting parts is very fast and inexpensive, and the number of production is usually only a few dozen to hundreds, and the production cycle can be completed within two weeks. Vowin-PROTOTYPE's design team is very good at vacuum casting services, which is one of our major businesses, providing a competitive advantage for customer's small batch manufacturing.




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Low-volume Manufacturing  

Low-volume Manufacturing from Vowin-Prototype is widely used in the automotive, medical or healthcare industries. It can produce high-quality products at a relatively low cost, and lead time is faster than planned (The shortest is three days ); During prototype to mass production, design can be changed but without any mold modification costs.There are various plastic materials to choose from : like ABS, like PC, like PMMA, like PA, like PP, rubber, transparent materials and fiber-glass reinforced plastics.





Diversified materials  selecting for vacuum casting


The pouring materials of Vowin-PROTOTYPE all come from HEI-CAST and PELNOX of Japan and AXSON of France, whose physical properties similar to those of the commonly used engineering plastics, such as ABS, PP, PA and POM, or those of the transparent pouring materials, or those of the elastomeric materials, such as rubber (40-90shord D). Our Company also has high temperature resistant materials able to withstand the temperature of 150, and fire-proof materials reaching the UL94-V0 Level. Our engineers all possess about twenty years of experience, who can provide you with optimal programs concerning the substitute materials.



Stable dimension accuracy


Vowin-PROTOTYPE consistently select high-quality room-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber as the material for making the vacuum casting mould, and apart from this, the Company also carries out a whole standard operation procedure to ensure our products possessing optimal dimension accuracy and mechanical properties. We elaborately control the operational parameters of each link in the working procedure, including blending, de-foaming, stirring, pre-heating, casting and solidifying. We can control the standard duplication accuracy within 0.15 mm/100 mm, with the highest accuracy reaching ±0.05 mm. 

vacuum casting prototype



Trial-manufacture of accessories with complicated technologies


Secondary pouring, metal insert, investment casting, and adding colors to the casting materials.


Duplication of large-scale and complex accessories


Vowin-PROTOTYPE possesses a large-scale vacuum pouring system, which can contain the mould with its dimensions of 2.0 M × 1.2 M × 1.0 M, letting us capable of taking Low-Volume Manufacturing of the interior and exterior accessories of the automobile, such as dash board, door plant, etc. We can control the dimensional accuracy of all the accessories within ±0.2 mm in the positional tolerance of the location hole, ±0.4 mm in the positional tolerance of the mounting hole, and ±0.7 mm in the general dimension and profile tolerance.


Vacuum Casting Technical Specifications

Vacuum Casting Technical
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